Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Arizona 2007

I just got back from a ten day journey to Arizona and I was compelled to make a blog when I returned due to how cool the Arizona Outreach blog was. This was the first time in the past three years that i didn't have to deal with 30 or so kids during a basketball camp. I had lead the camp the last few years and man was it stressful. A basketball camp seems like an easy thing to do when compared to laying cement but let me tell you....when 30 Navajo kids won't listen to you and are running around like crazy aaannnndddddd they are with you for 4 days straight (even the nights) you start to go a little crazy. I was glad to pass the torch on to Mr. Daniel Bowen. But you know what the funny thing is...I ended up taking Dan's responsibility for the video productions part of the trip which is just as much, and in reality much more work then the camp. I had a lot of fun filming and catching some MOMENTS but I hope that the digitizing and editing process doesn't take too long. I hope to get started on that video as soon as possible so I can get it out to all you amazing people.

Anyways I was blessed by all the people on the trip and I love then very much. I will always enjoy that last day with the Navajo kids and I am glad the dramas went well. Next year I hope to have a little away time from Spencer Colvin since he was on my work-site and kids-club. (I love you Spencer) And I want to throw a little shout out to my work-site and kids-club friends, it was a lot of fun and don't forget the good times like finding the keys to the house, figuring what house to go in, working in an empty house, Reginald, Spider Clovin, paint fights, the children, fried bread, singing songs or Mr. Chee's guitar moment. Thanks to everyone who went and helped minister to the Navajo and just remember hold on to those moments, they are things to cherish.