Sunday, November 25, 2007

WAC Champions!!! (Updated Video)

Well, last Friday UH football defeated Boise State to move to 11-0 and the win captured the WAC Championship. I was able to go to the sold out game with 7 friends. We arrived at the stadium 5 hours early to tailgate and enjoy the atmosphere. It was an intense game. I don't think I sat down once during the game and only here and there during timeouts. I lost my voice as well. When the game ended with the score or 39-27 I instantly jumped out of my seat and ran for the field. It was an insane scene as hundreds of UH fans rushed the field. I was so stoked to be a part of an exciting event like this. Sports fans love the idea of getting the chance to rush the field and I got that opportunity.

Is UH BCS bound??? I think so...

Just a short video of me when I was on the field, it was nutz...Hopefully this one works

Saturday, November 17, 2007


Today UH football moved to 10-0, making them one of only two teams in the nation that are still undefeated. It was an exciting game that came down to the wire. A Dan Kelly 45 yard field goal sealed the deal. I was blessed to share this moment with many of my friends as we jumped up and down, gave high fives all around, and threw in a few chest bumps. Is it possible? Could the UH Warriors really have a chance at a BCS Bowl game? I don't know. But next week we face our toughest opponent, Boise State. I will be at this game cheering like there is no tomorrow.

So all I have to say it...GO UH!!!!!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

A November Post

So I don't really have anything in particular to talk about. I have been so concentrated on school that not much else has been going on. It is a crazy thought to know that I will have a B.A. in just over a month. I mapped everything I have left to do to graduate and it has made getting work done that much more satisfying. Every assignment I get done makes me that much closer to graduating.

If you want to hear anything about my life let me know...

I hope all is well,

P.S. The Arizona Video is basically done. Just doing some finishing touches and waiting on a slide show that is being mailed to me.